Through My Window: A Tone Poem in Twelve Parts


Ilan has composed a symphonic work to be performed at a series of two outdoor concerts celebrating the 'Through My Window' exhibition of photographs by the artist AHAE.

Ilan was asked to compose a piece inspired by the artist's photographs, but whilst writing he became fascinated by the artist's process. In 3 years, he has taken 2 million photographs from 1 window.

The photographs will be on display in a specially built pavilion in the Jardin des Tuileries at the Louvre in Paris from the 27th of June.

The concerts will take place in the gardens next to the exhibition on the 3rd and 4th of July. The concerts are free and there is public seating and standing at the back - tickets available at the exhibition.

This is the first time an outdoor exhibition and concert has been held at this location.

Ilan commented on his work:

"I was inspired to compose a Tone Poem that depicts the artist’s day at work, not just his photos. I wanted the listener to be there with the artist, waiting patiently by the window and then being drawn into the moment when the subject he was photographing appeared. So the piece is made up of dramatic representations of the subjects (deer, birds, grass, clouds), interspersed with intimate melodies that describe the artist’s experience of sitting by the window from dawn until dusk throughout the seasons of the year."

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Photograph Dragonflies Mating © AHAE

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